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About Luda Pahl

Luda Pahl was born in Russia, lived in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, and other cities and towns in the former Soviet Union.  She graduated from the Academy of Art in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, as a fashion designer.  She moved to Germany for a short time and after that decided to visit her friends in the United States.   One never knows where our steps takes us but her short visit turned into a happy life with her husband in New York.   

When her very first exhibition in New York, at Flushing Town Hall—only a couple of year after coming to the U.S.—brought her a third prize in a competition, she felt like Cinderella.  The art critic Gregory Volk, the curator, said about her collages: “I was looking for originality, clarity of ideas and intentions, idiosyncratic vision and also visual appeal—all of which I found in Luda Pahl’s work.”

For some reason the critic, not knowing too much all aspects of her art, caught the essence of Luda’a art.  Whatever she does–whether in collages or jewelry; black and white illustrations or dresses; fashion accessories or Russian-English translations; or teaching art—she does all of it as Gregory Volk described, with fresh and unusual vision.  Another artist, critic and curator, Bruce Waldman, said: “Luda Pahl’s collages are unique.  No one in the art world does anything like that.”

Her own viewpoint about collage art is summarized here: “To me, collage is the form most representative of contemporary experience.  It captures the way human beings of the 21st century are bombarded by all sorts of images and information that our imagination is always trying to order and assemble.”

For her collages, she won a grant from The Queens Council of Arts, and other prizes.  Her collages have been exhibited in numerous galleries in Queens and Manhattan and in Monmouth Museum in New Jersey.